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Why Clarke Pharmaceuticals?

We currently live in a time where individuals are being denied access to the prescriptions that they so desperately need, or the cost of those prescriptions has been increased to the point of inaccessibility. Our Co-Founder fights daily in his medical practice for his patients to get the medications that at one time were very attainable for anyone to acquire.

This led to the founding of Clarke Pharmaceuticals in 2011 based on the formulations of Lewis K. Clarke M.D., Ph.D.

In the late 90’s, Dr. Clarke began using natural vitamins, supplements and nutraceutical combinations based on his Ph.D. in Neurochemistry to expedite the healing times of his hospital patients. While others in the community labeled him an herbalist, or holistic practitioner, he was attaining far better outcomes for his patients.

Clarke Pharmaceuticals is a private, family owned corporation. Our focus is on manufacturing specialized nutraceutical compounds for injuries and diseases for which there currently is no cure. We believe in focusing on prevention an offering people the tools to take control of their health.

Our specialty nutraceuticals have been tested in rehabilitation hospitals on patients with strokes, concussions, spinal cord injuries, and neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and Parkinsons disease.

Ingredients Selection

The quality of the raw chemicals that constitute our formulations is of the utmost importance. Not only for the efficacy of the product, but also for our patient’s safety.

Every ingredient goes through a rigorous testing process with a third-party testing facility for microbes, purity, contaminants, GMO testing, and food alergens.

Clarke Pharmaceuticals utilizes Eurofins Scientific for its third-party purity testing.

A More Natural Alternative

Every day in the United States people are becoming more informed about the risks and benefits of their pharmaceutical medications.  Not only are they making healthier dietary choices, but they are choosing to implement nutraceutical regimens to supplement their regular medical care.

Clarke Pharmaceuticals is proud to offer natural nutraceutical formulations, medical foods, and supplements to complement conventional medical treatments.

We recommend speaking with your healthcare provider before deciding to implement a nutraceutical program.  Because a product is natural doesn’t mean that it is necessarily safe, as they can be contraindicated for use with certain drugs.

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