Former Steelers and Buccaneers wide receiver Courtney Hawkins’ personal Neupanex® journey

It is with this introduction, the formula of Neupanex® is proposed by Dr. Clarke. Each of the components individually has been shown in countless studies, published in reputable biochemistry, neuroscience and clinical scientific peer-reviewed journals, to accomplish neuroprotection and/or neuroregeneration. Activation of free-radical scavenging microglia, by driving neurogenesis via the Sigma-1 receptors, blocking inflammatory cytokines, blocking receptors for the injury-induced release of neurotoxins are all functions of the various components of Neupanex®.

Clinically, many of Dr. Clarke’s patients have benefited from Neupanex® over the past 20 or more years. Cognitive and socialization improvements in dementias and improvements in motor deficits and paralysis have all been demonstrated. In addition, because it is a packet of powder that can be mixed into a drink or shake, it can be administered via a gastrostomy tube to patients who cannot swallow due to their injury. It can be used in athletes as an aide to neuroprotection, especially after a concussive injury.

Dr. Clarke summarizes, “There is no single medication or substance that can fix neurologic injury. There is no single pill or cream that will be discovered to repair the brain. This is not like ‘penicillin kills strep throat.’ Like a symphony, the brain requires innumerable natural chemical reactions, all at the same time, to do clean-up and repair. And because there is this necessary synergy among these chemicals, each scavenging and restorative action depends on all components to be present. This natural combination given simultaneously in Neupanex® is the most logical and scientific therapy. It’s how God designed us.  Neupanex® has been used in clinical patients and appears to work.”

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