Neupanex® – A Hopeful New Intervention for Concussions

This is the world’s first intracranial helmet for the brain!  The components of Neupanex have been shown to produce actual neuro-regeneration by optimizing intrinsic mechanisms of neuro-protection within the central nervous system by utilizing mitochondrial & neuro-steroid chemistry.   Cognition & cerebral metabolism are improved while neuronal damage is substantially lessened.

The Possitive Effects in Neupanex®

Neupanex® works not only to curtail and stop cascading brain injury but, it stimulates the creation of new brain cells, reversing and repairing the damage. Results can vary based on age and injury, but the positive effects of Neupanex® can be observed in a relatively short amount of time. Both physical and emotional symptoms begin to diminish allowing the patient to have more normal interactions.

A Breakthrough in Neurochemistry

Neupanex® is the only nutraceutical supplement that contains a precise blend of neuro-steroids. These components enable the body to convert stem cells into neurons, nerve cells that transmit nerve impulses, which then create new connections within the brain. Neupanex has been used to heal various types of brain injuries.


Neupanex® arose out of necessity for Dr. Lewis Clarke during his 20 years of treating strokes, various types of traumatic brain injuries, and dementia and Alzheimer’s patients in specialty rehabilitation hospitals. 

It is the only nutraceutical supplement that contains a precise blend of “neuro-steroids” to enable the body to convert endogenous stem cells to neurons and make new connections within the brain. It contains ingredients that have been shown individually to be both neuroprotective and neuroregenerative by healing neuronal cells from injuries such as stroke, concussion, locked in syndrome, traumatic brain injury, or an anoxic event.

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