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Welcome to Clarke Pharmaceuticals

We are delighted that you would chose Clarke Pharmaceuticals for your health and wellness requirements. We pride ourselves on having the finest, most potent, and safest ingredients in each one of our supplement and nutraceutical formulations.

Every capsule, specialty nutraceutical powder, and topical cream is used by physicians with whom we work closely to validate our product’s efficacy. Simply put, if a product we produce works, we offer it. If it doesn’t, we will not.

Dr. Clarke is our co-founder, and medical director. His research, and insight are invaluable to this company and our formulations. He is not only a practicing physician, but an internationally recognized biochemist, with a Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology. His protocols are the basis for the development of our specialty nutraceutical formulations aimed at tackling the most elusive of neurological disorders.

We know what it is like to have someone that has been given a life-changing diagnosis, or suffered a life-changing accident. We understand the trepidation of offering some hope of a nutraceutical to supplement and magnify the body’s endogenous healing processes.

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