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Neupanex® FAQ’s

What is Neupanex®?

Neupanex® is an all-natural, proprietary combination of ingredients endogenous (naturally occurring) in the brain and is designed to supplement the brain’s natural healing processes.

How long has Neupanex® been around?

Neupanex® is the result of 25 years of research by Dr. Lewis K. Clarke, M.D., PhD. and used exclusively in the treatment of his patients with debilitating neurologic injuries and degenerative neurologic diseases. Dr. Clarke has studied the neurochemistry of neurologic function and dysfunction since 1976.

How does Neupanex® work?

Neupanex® targets specific places in the brain where an intervention would be necessary to interrupt the sequence of damage by supporting and promoting:

*Scavenging of free radicals (cell damaging byproducts) resulting from injuries whether gradual or sudden
*Protection of healthy cells from neurotoxins (poisons that act on the nervous system) released from damaged nerve cells
*Suppression of inflammatory responses resulting from the injury or disease process.
*Neuron to neuron communication at the cellular level
*Growth and development of nervous system tissue
*Facilitation of natural brain function

When would I use Neupanex® ?

Neupanex® may be used when advanced dietary supplementation is necessary to augment the traditional medical care of debilitating neurologic conditions and degenerative neurologic processes.

Can I take Neupanex® with other medications?

The components of Neupanex® are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredients and should not interfere with other medications. However, you should consult with your physician prior to using Neupanex®

Are there any side effects with Neupanex®?

There have not been any unfavorable side effects reported from taking Neupanex®.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

How long does it take Neupanex® to work and what results will I see?

Results will vary from individual to individual and some improvement has been observed in as few as two weeks. It may depend on the severity and duration of the degenerative process.

How much does Neupanex® cost? 

An individual packet of Neupanex® costs as little as $10.00 a day. Each box contains a 30 day supply.

Why does Neupanex® cost so much?

Neupanex® contains a highly bio-available and scientifically structured blend of over 23 different anti-oxidants, neuro-steroids, nutraceuticals, and anti-inflammatories.  The average price of a bottle of a particular supplement is $25.  If you were able to get every one of the ingredients on their own the price would almost be $600.

Is Neupanex® covered under insurance?

A medical prescription is NOT required to purchase Neupanex®. Insurance plans vary on coverage of a dietary supplement with a physician’s prescription so it’s best to check with your provider for coverage specific to your healthcare plan.

Can I replace my current regimen of vitamin supplements with Neupanex®?

Many supplements and nutraceuticals could be eliminated from your regimen by taking Neupanex®.  If you were taking every ingredient of Neupanex® individually the cost would be close to $600.  Therefore replacing each of the individual bottles of pills with one box of Neupanex® could result in a savings of over $200 each month.

I thought cholesterol was bad for you?  Why is there so much of it in Neupanex®?

Cholesterol is an extremely important molecule that your body uses to make the healing hormones of the body.  The brain is 95% cholesterol.  This very misunderstood component is not responsible for heart diseases and strokes.  These maladies are the cause of inflammation.  Cholesterol activates the sigma 1 receptor in the cell to activate the mitochondria to pump out pregnenolone and progesterone via the endoplasmic reticulum.  Without cholesterol, you cannot make pregnenolone, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, estrone, estrogen, and estradiol.  All of those hormones are utilized by the body to repair the damaged brain.  Because Neupanex® contains a myriad of anti-inflammatories, the risk of heart attack, artery disease, stroke diminishes greatly.  In fact other components of Neupanex® actually mobilize the calcium in the plaque that clogs the arteries, and relocates it where it needs to be; like back into the bone.

Where do I buy Neupanex®?

Orders for Neupanex® may be placed at www.clarkepharmaceuticals.com

How do I take Neupanex®?

Neupanex® may be taken at any time of the day following a meal. Mix into 8 ounces of water or your favorite juice, shake or smoothie. As the components in Neupanex® may settle, it is recommended to shake or stir in between sips to ensure adequate mixing.

How long will I need to take Neupanex®?

Neupanex® is designed to help replace the substances in the body which have been depleted due to age, damage or neurodegenerative process. As with any dietary supplement, you will see the best results by taking Neupanex® as part of your daily routine. Younger individuals may require only short durations of usage.

How will I feel after taking Neupanex®?

Some individuals report feeling energized after taking Neupanex®, therefore it would be advisable to consume Neupanex® following a morning meal. Others have reported feeling mildly drowsy, which varies in duration, therefore it would be advisable to take Neupanex® following an evening meal.