Stormin’ Norman

Norman’s journey began in Baytown, Texas where the stray had been running loose. A car hit the little dog and left him for dead until a good Samaritan saw him limping around, picked him up and took him to the local animal shelter for medical treatment. Due to the severity of his injuries, Norman was put on the list to be euthanized until fate stepped in once again when a kind rescuer took pity on him and placed him with a caretaker in a medical needs, foster home.

Once settled into his temporary foster home, Norman was taken to the vet where he received vaccinations and was given pain meds for his injuries. According to the X-rays, the vet stated that Norman had seven fractures, none of which were operable. Strict crate rest, vitamins, and pain medication was about all that could be done for this sweet little, Cairn Terrier mix. Discussions of Norman’s plight reached the ears of Christopher Clarke, CEO and Co-founder of Clarke Pharmaceuticals, who suggested that the small dog be given a treatment of OsteoBLAST® to help rebuild the bone in his hips. After a few weeks on OsteoBLAST®, Norman began to really let his sweet personality shine. After five weeks of taking OsteoBLAST®, Norman visited the vet for additional X-rays to check on his progress. To the veterinarian’s surprise, both the large and smaller fractures had begun to calcify and heal nicely. At the three-month mark, the smaller fractures
were 98% calcified and healed and the two major fractures were progressing at a quicker rate than expected… “twice as fast as normal,” according to the vet.

We are thrilled to report that Norman had a full recovery and has been accepted into Paws for Heroes, Click on the Paws for Heroes link below to read about Sonja and Norman’s continued journey.