Cell Block #19 is a once per month 2 day protocol consisting of high-dose vitamin A and vitamin D when virus season ramps up.

This compound is designed to strengthen your immunity to viruses and bacterial infection.

Studies have shown that vitamin A increases the number of both T and B lymphocytes (immune cells) and also increases the immunoglobulin IgA which coats all our mucus epthelium in our noses, lungs, GI tract. IgA is a front line barrier to bacteria like staph, strep, etc. AND to virus entry into the epithelial cells which is the beginning of the great tribulation of viral infections like pneumonias and influenzas and HIV and measles…IgA drastically suppresses the release of viruses, specifically studied in influenza viruses, from infected cells which would infect other cells. On electron microscope studies they describe it as though the viruses are ‘stuck’ to the cell surface by the IgA and can’t get away. So vitamin A is making IgA which blocks and imprisons the virus.

Vitamin D proteins pair up with Vitamin A proteins in what is called a heterodimer. This complex can then bind to a Vitamin D receptor and this causes the CAMP gene in immune cells to secrete peptides defensin, cathelicidin and LL-37 all of which simply put, KILL BUGS! Both viruses and bacteria. AND it stimulates the production of more immune cells.