WAVi Test Illustration
WAVi Helmet

WAVi is a multifaceted brain performance assessment tool. WAVi makes it possible for those who are proactively improving brain health to measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

The WAVi system allows us to measure brain performance, testing the efficacy of neurological interventions such as Neupanex®

An ERP (or event-related potential) is a measure of brain response. EEG is used to record the brain’s reaction to a novel stimulus such as a sound or image. ERP tests are time locked to a certain stimulus with a very high temporal resolution (down to the millisecond). Having been involved in innumerable clinical research studies over the last 70+ years, ERP tests are well-established metrics.

We are performing WAVi scanning in our office in Webster, TX.  If you would like to make an appointment for a simple, non-invasive, 15 minute scan of your brain please call (281) 332-1755.

  • Concussion

  • Head Injury

  • Stroke

  • Neurodegenerative Disease